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Gelato Split by Relentless Genetics , Regular Seeds

  • Pack: 9 Seeds
  • Origin: Gelato 41 x Banana OG BX1
  • Genetics: Hybrid Indica Dominant
  • Flowering ( indoor ): 8 – 9 Weeks ( 56 – 63 Days )
  • Outdoor flowering: End of September/Beginning of October
  • Aroma: Sweet hazelnut ice cream, creamy chocolate, pine, with earthy undertones

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gelato split by Relentless Genetics, Available in regular Seeds and crossing by two seeds Gelato 41 and Banana OG BX1

Gelato Split Lineage : all info

Gelato 41, developed by Relentless Genetics, is a cross of Sunset Sherb and Thin Mint Cookies.

Gelato 41, also known as Bacio Gelato, is an indica strain from Sherbinskis.

This legendary strain, part of the Gelato family, is known for its sweet aroma, reminiscent of hazelnut ice cream.

During flowering its buds display colors ranging from light green to purple and emit a sweet earthy aroma with hints of lavender and pine. Many growers describe it as being like diving into a bowl of ice cream – sweet at first with earthy undertones.

Considered one of the strongest strains in the gelato line, its aroma of cream, hazelnut, chocolate, spices, pine and earth is simply captivating.


Banana OG Bx1 is a strain from Dying Breed Seeds, created by crossing Banana OG with Banana Pudding.

This hybrid combines the legendary Banana OG with a proprietary strain from the breeder, resulting in a unique, unmistakable aroma of ripe bananas.

Meanwhile, Banana Pudding was created by crossing Banana OG with OG Eddy.

Despite sharing lineage with OG Kush, this strain surprises with a dominant smell of ripe bananas that overshadows the typical OG Kush aroma.


What are the dominant aromas of Gelato Split strain?

  • Gelato Split by Relentless Genetics offers a sweet, creamy flavor of hazelnut ice cream with hints of chocolate, pine, and earthy undertones.


What is the flowering time for Gelato Split by relentless genetics ?

  • indoor: 56 – 63 Days .
  • outdoor: End of September/Beginning of October.



Please note that the information provided here is for informational purposes only. We do not sell seeds to anyone who we believe intends to use them illegally. We do not condone the germination of seeds, and we do not encourage anyone to grow seeds. We sell seeds for souvenir and collectible purposes only. The cultivation of cannabis seeds is illegal in many countries.


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Genetics type of this product . Indica | Sativa | Hybrid .

Hybrid Indica Dominant



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Pack 9

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