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Original price was: € 120,00.Current price is: € 75,00.

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Primetime Exotic Genetix | Exotic | Pack 6

Primetime by Exotic Genetix , Feminized Seeds

  • Pack: 6 Seeds
  • Gender: Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Origin: Oreoz x Falcon-9
  • Genetics: 70/30 Indica
  • Flowering ( indoor ): 8 – 9 Weeks ( 56 – 63 Days )
  • Outdoor flowering: End of September/Beginning of October
  • External production: 1300 gr.
  • Indoor production: 650 gr/m2.
  • Aroma: Sweet and cookie-like with a strong gas smell
  • Yield: Heavy

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Primetime, an enticing Indica-dominant hybrid (60/40) cannabis strain from Exotic Genetix, has captivated cultivators with its unique flavor profile, potent effects, and adaptability to both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Available exclusively in feminized seeds, Primetime promises a rewarding experience for both novice and experienced growers.

Lineage: A Fusion of Renowned Genetics

Primetime’s exceptional qualities stem from its illustrious lineage, tracing back to two esteemed strains: Oreoz and Falcon-9. Each parent strain contributes distinctive characteristics that culminate in Primetime’s remarkable traits.

Oreoz: A Legacy of Delicious Flavor and Potent Effects

Oreoz, a delectable cross between Cookies N Cream and Secret Weapon, was brought to life by 3rd Coast Genetics. Its name aptly reflects its enticing aroma and flavor profile, reminiscent of a rich Oreo pudding with a hint of earthiness. This complex blend harmonizes sweet notes, a touch of spicy chocolate, nutty undertones, and a subtle diesel finish.

Primetime inherits Oreoz’s dense, tightly packed buds, adorned in vibrant neon green hues, deep amber orange hairs, and a glistening layer of trichome crystals. From top to bottom, these buds are enveloped in sticky resin, promising an abundance of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Falcon-9: A Potent Blend of Sweetness and Gas

The other half of Primetime’s lineage, Falcon-9, is an Indica-dominant hybrid created by the breeder from Sunset Sherb and Tina. Exhibiting vibrant green and purple buds, Falcon-9 matures within 55 to 65 days, delivering bountiful harvests both indoors and outdoors. Its aroma is described as gassy, with rubbery and gassy notes intermingling with sweetness.

The Fusion: Primetime

The successful combination of Falcon-9 and Oreoz gave rise to Primetime, a strain that embodies the best qualities of both its parents.

Flavor Profile: A Symphony of Sweet Cookie with a Strong Gas Backnote

Primetime’s flavor profile is a testament to its exceptional lineage. It delivers a complex and balanced blend of flavors that tantalize the palate:

  • Dominant Flavors: Sweet Cookie
  • Secondary Notes: Strong Gas Backnote

Effects: A Potent Blend of Relaxation and Uplift

Primetime’s effects are as well-rounded as its flavor profile. It offers a balanced combination of relaxation and uplift,making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

  • Relaxation: The Indica influence from Falcon-9 provides a sense of calming and relaxation, easing tension and promoting tranquility.
  • Uplift: The Sativa influence from Oreoz contributes a touch of uplifting energy, enhancing mood and creativity without overwhelming the senses.

Flowering Time: Optimizing Your Harvest

Primetime typically completes its flowering cycle within 8-9 weeks when cultivated indoors. Under the open sky, Primetime matures between late September and early October, showcasing its ability to thrive in diverse environmental conditions.

Factors Influencing Flowering Time:

  • Environmental Conditions: Light intensity, temperature, humidity, and ventilation all play crucial roles in plant growth and flowering time.
  • Cultivation Techniques: Pruning, watering schedules, and nutrient programs can significantly impact plant development and flowering speed.
  • Plant Phenotype: Each plant, even within the same strain, possesses unique genetic variations that can slightly affect flowering time.

Summary: Cultivating an Exceptional Cannabis Experience with Primetime

Primetime stands as a testament to Exotic Genetix’s mastery in cannabis breeding. Its captivating flavor profile, balanced effects, and adaptability to various growing environments make it a compelling choice for both novice and experienced cultivators. Whether you seek to cultivate a thriving indoor garden or an abundant outdoor crop, Primetime promises a rewarding and exceptional cannabis experience.

What is the predominant flavor of Primetime seeds by Exotic Genetix?

  • Sweet and cookie-like with a strong gas smell

What is the flowering period of Primetime seeds by Exotic Genetix ?

The flowering period of Primetime seeds by Exotic Genetix is typically 8 to 9 weeks indoors and late September to early October outdoors.

Please note that the information provided here is for informational purposes only. We do not sell seeds to anyone who we believe intends to use them illegally. We do not condone the germination of seeds, and we do not encourage anyone to grow seeds. We sell seeds for souvenir and collectible purposes only. The cultivation of cannabis seeds is illegal in many countries.


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Origin: parents of this seed.

Oreoz xFalcon-9

Genetics type of this product . Indica | Sativa | Hybrid .

70/30 Indica



Growing Conditions


indoor Flowering:

8 – 9 Weeks

Outdoor Flowering:

End of September/Beginning of October.

Indoor production

650 gr/m2

External production

1300 gr


Sweet and cookie-like with a strong gas smell



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