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Watermelon Wonder by Relentless Genetics , Feminized Seeds

  • Pack: 10 Seeds
  • Origin: (Cherry Cookie x Sunset Sherbet) x Frosted Cherry Cookies
  • Genetics: Hybrid Indica-Dominant
  • Flowering ( indoor ): 8 – 9 Weeks ( 56 – 63 Days )
  • Outdoor flowering: End of September/Beginning of October
  • Aroma: Sweet cherry, citrus sorbet, berry and earthy undertones.

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Watermelon Wonder by Relentless Genetics, Available in feminized Seeds and crossing by two seeds (Cherry Cookie x Sunset Sherbet) and Frosted Cherry Cookies

Watermelon Wonder Lineage : all info

Cherrie Cookie is a unique strain created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Fire OG Bx1.

This strain can double in height during flowering and responds well to various training techniques to maximize yield.

The plant emits a strong cherry aroma that can range from sweet cherry to cherry cough drop depending on the phenotype.


Sunset Sherb is a legendary indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panther.

This popular variety is often used in many hybrid strains due to its robust genetics and desirable traits.

It offers a moderate level of growing difficulty and can produce excellent yields, making it a favorite among growers.

Sunset Sherb’s mixed genetic heritage makes it particularly resistant to fungal and insect attack, ensuring a healthier growing cycle.

From an aroma standpoint, it has a delightful and dense scent profile with notes of citrus sorbet and berries with earthy undertones.

This unique combination of resilience and aromatic appeal has cemented Sunset Sherb’s reputation in the cannabis community.


Frosted Cherry Cookies is a legendary indica/sativa hybrid created by Relentless Genetics and crossing prized Cherry Cookie cut and reversing Krome’s The White.

thriving in both indoor and outdoor settings with a flowering time of approximately 67 days.

This THC-dominant variety is exclusively available as feminized seeds.

this strain boasts high potency, heavier yields, sturdy stems, and impressive bag appeal.

With flavors and aromas among the best in their catalog, Frosted Cherry Cookies is similar to the Fire Cookie line but exclusively feminized. This plant stretches moderately, typically doubling in height during flowering.


What are the dominant aromas of Watermelon Wonder strain?

  • Watermelon Wonder, a strain from Relentless Genetics, features dominant aromas of sweet cherry, citrus sorbet and berries with earthy undertones and a hint of the unique frosted cherry scent.


What is the flowering time for Watermelon Wonder by Relentless Genetics ?

  • indoor: approximately 67 days .
  • outdoor: End of September/Beginning of October.



Please note that the information provided here is for informational purposes only. We do not sell seeds to anyone who we believe intends to use them illegally. We do not condone the germination of seeds, and we do not encourage anyone to grow seeds. We sell seeds for souvenir and collectible purposes only. The cultivation of cannabis seeds is illegal in many countries.


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Genetics type of this product . Indica | Sativa | Hybrid .

Hybrid Indica Dominant



pack pack of produced , pack 3 | pack 6 | pack 10

pack 10

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