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Tropical Wiz V.2 Auto takes a Zalmaldelica Express dominant Mango Isle female as the mother, and the same cut of the Wizard’s Apprentice F4 reversal creates beautiful variations of tropical fruit notes and spice with some added gas to balance out the mixture.


Marathon OG F4 Auto Cannabis Seeds by Dark Owl Seeds Marathon OG F4 Auto could be the best-ever OG auto-flowering strain to grace the earth thus far!


Cookies’ n’ Creamix Auto by Night Owl Seeds’ typically produces medium-sized plants with sturdy branching and dense spear-shaped buds coated in frost. Cookies’ n’ Creamix produces two main terp profiles. One has a permeating piney blueberry leaning plant with potent cerebral effects that you can feel in your head almost instantaneously. The other has a gassy, fuel-tinged Tyrone Stomper-like profile that hits your body with power.


The Dessert Isle Auto Cannabis Seeds by Night Owl Seeds is another release from the Secret Owl Society Line from Night Owl Seeds! If you’re ready for dessert then this is the strain for you! Night Owl seeds made the Toof Decay x Tryone Stomper back in 2015, with a very different and unique-smelling yellow birthday cake phenotype of their F1 Tyrone Stomper photoperiod male.


Mango Isle F2 Auto is a strain Night Owl Seeds had to go back and revisit for all the Sativa Auto enthusiasts out there! Much like the F1s, these are super easygoing plants with significant side branching & great yielding elongated colas of a true Sativa hybrid.


Blue Sprayed Shoes is the remixed version of the original Blue Sprayed Shoes, so do yourself a favour and slip into these gems! The original Blue Sprayed Shoes was one of the most highly acclaimed and sought-after Secret Owl Society strains is back better than ever before! Blue Sprayed Shoes Remix produces medium to large plants expressing heavy branching, vast bud sites, and insane resin production. The branches themselves are typically laden with glorious trichomes as are her buds, which draws on this resin coverage from the Grape Stomper OG & Blue Magoo Bx2 ancestry.


Pre 98 Episode 1 F4 Auto is the very first project of Bubba Kush Autos from Night Owl Seeds! The Bubba Kush project began in 2016 when Night Owl Seeds lived with Ronin Gardens. Back then, Night Owl Seeds obtained several clone-only cultivars in Colorado, and one of those was the notorious Bubba Kush! The Bubba Kush clone grows super short and dense with super dense buds that produce swollen calyxes & super dark, dank aromas that the Pre 98 cut became famous for over the years.


Popesicle Auto by Night Owl Seeds’ progeny produces medium to large plants that stacks heavy, sturdy branching and a fair bit more stretch than most Tyrone Stomper hybrids.


Outlier Z F4 Auto is a surprising one, hence the name Outlier Z! One of Night Owl Seeds favourite things about being in the garden is the fact it keeps him present with feelings of gratitude, uncertainty & excitement! Even when you think you know exactly what to expect, something out of the blue surprises you & that’s certainly the case with Outlier Z.


Outlier C Auto by Night Owl Seeds produces medium/ large, easy-growing and forgiving plants that grow with ultra-high-density flowers and ample resin covering.


Greasy colas with a piercingly sweet Zamaldelica terp profile that overpowers just about everything else found in it. The fruity flavours run the Gamut with no discernible fruit but rather a mixture of a bunch ranging from raspberry, cantaloupe, cherry, mango, papaya, apple, watermelon & pears all wrapped up in one complex, hard-to-unpack profile.


Vacation Bubba Auto Cannabis Seeds produces large, stout plants with heavy yields of top-shelf flowers. The P98 and Mango Isle’s hybrid has resulted in unique flavours ranging from skunk, meat and lime terps to a complex creamy, earthy spearmint.