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We made Panic Alert when hitting Seed Junky’s Zanimal with our Caked up Cherries studs. Two studs were used to give more variation, and the result is what we had hoped for, just not many seeds.


Trop Cherry Gas was made when we reversed the real Runtz cut to our Trop Cherry cut aka Tropicana Cherry # 8. Trop Cherry Gas leans towards trop cherry mom but with added gas from the Runtz cut.


For this regular sex cross we hit cannarados grape pie with our trop cherry male. The trop cherry male brings a lot of color and trichomes to the cross.


Kush Mint is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through a potent cross of the classic Bubba Kush X Animal Mints strains.


Blue Razzay throws off now n later and Rozay structure plants as well as terps but the best smell of blueberries and raspberries. They are usually done in abt 9wks, have a nice yield, don’t stretch too much… the terps are to die for.


Grape Pie is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the delicious Grape Stomper X Cherry Pie strains. After one taste of this delicious pie, you’ll totally want to take another bite again and again.


The goals for this project were to bring out more consistency in terms of color and smell/taste. I selected multiple males and females from my f2 line that all showed rozay’s unique berry fruit rollup, red wine type smell and taste.


Speechless is a cross I made a while back when reversing my special Frozay # 94 pheno to the well liked Zkittlez cut.


Banana Sangria is a cross we made when hitting the popular Colorado Skunkberry clone with our proven Banana Og bx1 stud.


If you like fuel and funk this one is for you! For this cross I hit the real Runtz with two very nice studs from my Caked up Cherries line.


Watermelon Wonder is a feminized cross where we reversed our award winning Frosted Cherry Cookies to an unreleased cut of ours, Cherry Cookie x Sunset Sherbet. The CCxSS is a really nice split pheno between the two parents, hitting it with FCC made it even more sweet smelling.


For this feminized cross we reversed the real Runtz clone to a very gassy cut of Zanimal that was bred by seedjunky years ago. The security risk fems are very potent.

Relentless Genetics: Where Passion Meets Perfection
Deep in the heart of the American South, where the sun beats down on fertile lands, a tale of relentless passion unfolds – the story of Relentless Genetics.
A collective of seasoned cannabis cultivators, their hands weathered by years of experience and their minds brimming with knowledge, came together to pursue a shared dream: to create the most exquisite and potent cannabis strains the world had ever seen.
Their journey began in the clandestine gardens of the South. Here, amidst the secrecy and the thrill of the unknown, these pioneers laid the foundation for the Relentless Genetics empire.
As time unfolded, their relentless pursuit led them to the majestic peaks of Colorado. In this untamed wilderness, their creativity and determination flourished, giving birth to legendary strains like Cherry Cookies, Rozay, Trop Cherry, and Queen of the South.
But Relentless Genetics is more than just a name; it’s a testament to an unwavering commitment to excellence.This exceptional team meticulously handpicks only the finest genetics, meticulously sifting through hundreds of specimens to find those rare gems that hold hidden “magic.”
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