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Zombie Bride has a dry terpene profile, somewhere between moist dirt and cookies. A chewy cream cookie flavor with hints of humulene or moss.


One of the most popular plants of the moment CRITICAL MASS with a reputation more than contrasted, pollinated by our most powerful indica DOUBLE G with what we get one of the fastest and most productive hybrids of our CRIMINAL + bank.


Two of the outstanding characteristics of Acid Dough are the high production of flowers and the rapidity in its flowering phase.


The most radical terpenes are provided by Radical Juice. In this cross of Tropicana Cookies x Runtz, you will find a mixture of strong fruity terpenes following the hype of recent years. An ideal plant for flowers or extractions. An explosion of aromas and flavors that will captivate most users.


From the selection of one of our first genetic search works, an ancient lavender kush clone was pollinated by our brilliant Amnesia. From there, a clone we named “Sideral” was selected and later we decided to pollinate again with our bubba kush.


Its combination of cannabinoids makes us catalog it as very powerful even for the most experienced consumers. With a rapid bloom of between 60-65 days the flowers will be at their optimum.


From the crossing of two of our most awarded Ripper Haze and Criminal + varieties, TOXIC emerged, a hybrid created with the intention of achieving a high production plant in both flowers and large trichomes


Sour Ripper has a sativa structure with a long internode, little foliage and a more compact and appetizing head than the original Sour Diesel with which we work.


Sideral is one of our first works which we used later to develop Zombie Kush. A former clone of Lavender Kush was pollinated by our brilliant Amnesia. The objective was to achieve a hybrid with a wide and intense range of aromas and flavors.


RIPPER HAZE is the end result of our search for the perfect Haze: very powerful and lasting effect, fast flowering cycle and intense aroma and flavor.


Ripper Badazz arrives from one of the best-known OG genetic lines of U.S.A to satisfy the most discerning palates. A variety that will leave a mark for its incredible balance between flavor and effect.


OMG is a variety that adapts to Ripper’s patterns due to its effect, appearance and terpene. Once again in search of the most powerful plant with the most marked terpene.